Stripe Medical ID Bracelet


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Crafted from lightweight, comfortable, all-weather medical grade silicone and stainless steel. Sweat Resistant & Waterproof! Trim-to-fit.

  • Comes with a free user profile dashboard
  • Waterproof and Sweat-resistant
  • Crafted from lightweight, comfortable, all-weather medical grade silicone and stainless steel
  • Adjustable – fits wrist 5in – 9.75in
Black Stripe Orange
Black Stripe Red
Blue Stripe
Purple Stripe
Red Stripe
Yellow Stripe
Charcoal Faceplate
Stainless Faceplate

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Hear What Our Customers Say About Our Medical IDs

Lisa W.
Lisa W.
This is also a gift for my nephew with MS! Definitely give me peace of mind knowing if he should ever have an issue medical personnel would be able to identify his medical issue. Delivery right on schedule!
Elle D
Elle D
Great service & nice product!
Raymond C.
Raymond C.
Very easy to set up and great communication with seller.
Item as listed; shipping FBA.
Marianne Malakie
Marianne Malakie
I ordered a gray and received a blue one. It said Amazon did not block out the color when it was out of stock. It is a cool product and would recommend it.
Cherie P
Cherie P
I have multiple medical conditions and drug allergies. This was the only medical item that allows you to input your own information. I like the idea that first responders don't have to call and talk to someone which can waste time. AA quick scan of the qr code and they have your information
This product is wonderful because at any time you are able to update your medical records. No longer I do not worry any medical changes,: all I have to do is make the changes on iPhone/Computer app
LIFE ID Bracelet is exactly what I mas looking for and didn't know it exsisted. comfy band unlike the usual metal ones. I Feel super safe now and gives a peace of mind when going outdoors. I have a seizure disorder and it will be a huge help for medics to find that hospital is NOT necessary. Chronic Condition Functional Neurological Disorder
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Great way for emergency information to be on-hand should something happen.
Peter P. Kretschmann
Peter P. Kretschmann
Happy Customer


For: Seniors, Elderly, Allergy, Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Dementia, Alzheimer

Uses: Runners ID, Cyclists ID, Tri Athletes ID, Religious ID, Travelers ID, Kids ID, Festival ID, Event ID, Animal ID Tag

Medical ID For Women . Medical ID For Men . Medical ID For Kids . Unisex Medical ID


Black Stripe Orange, Black Stripe Red, Blue Stripe, Purple Stripe, Red Stripe, Yellow Stripe


Charcoal Faceplate, Stainless Faceplate

3 reviews for Stripe Medical ID Bracelet

  1. Renee Lyons

    Renee Lyons (verified owner)

    Easy to adjust size. Easy to add medical info. Plenty of space to add all allergies and medications. Multiple emergency contacts. Comfortable to wear. Works with android and iPhone. Seems pretty durable so far!

  2. A Magana (verified owner)

    I am so happy for my Life id bracelet.
    It blends in with what I wear and I feel so much safer now that I wear one.
    Very satisfied.

  3. Shelley Shaffer Shaffer

    Shelley Shaffer

    This bracelet is great. So far the paramedics are not aware of it and I have to show them.

    It’s a great tool. Very clever for these days.

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