About LIFEID.Health

My name is Marcus Sassan Motamedi. In 2018, my mother Sara was involved in an emergency and when emergency personnel arrived and they asked me for her medical history and medication. I had no answer to give. I realized if she were alone, she would have not been able to answer questions on her own either.  I’ve worked in the medical industry for many years and was surprised at our lack of preparedness for this situation. After that emergency, I searched for a medical ID that could keep my mother safe and was surprised that there was no such product in the market. So, I created LIFEID to solve this problem.  



LIFEID is a QR-enabled Medical ID with a user profile stored in a cloud-based dashboard. LIFEID is dedicated to saving as many lives as possible. Medical ID bracelets and wearables have been on the market for many years and have essentially stayed static – always the basic engraved bracelet or necklace without any improvement in the past 30 years. With current technological advances and possibilities, I realized that it’s time that the whole concept of “Medical ID” be redesigned and upgraded with 21st-Century technology.
We didn’t re-invent the wheel when it comes to Medical IDs, we advanced it to a completely new and innovative digitally interactive tag.

“We didn’t re-invent the wheel when it comes to medical IDs, we advanced it to a completely new and innovative digitally interactive tag.” 

How to Use LIFEID

LIFEID medical ID wearables come with a supporting website that allows you to set up a personal profile, add your emergency contacts, include medical and personal information (disclosing as much as you’d like), and update your profile as many times as needed. Your emergency contact and medical information are accessible via a designated QR code that is assigned only specific device, accessible from any Android or Apple device that scans the tag.

When scanned by a first responder or a bystander, the LIFEID QR medical ID allows access to immediate critical medical information and emergency contacts. In addition, when your QR-coded medical tag is scanned your emergency contacts receive a text message with a GPS location, showing exactly where and when your tag was scanned.