HELPER Medical ID Tag


LIFEID Helper Medical ID Tag slides on all watch bands and wristbands. Designed as a Multi-purpose Medical ID to place on ID Bracelets, Watchbands, and Fitness Watches (Apple watch, Fitbits, Garmin)

  • Fits Watch Band sizes½” to ¾” wide, (38mm to 44mm)
  • Waterproof and Sweat-resistant
  • LIFEID Products are Guaranteed for Life

Your LIFEID comes with a free user profile dashboard. You can choose the information you want to provide. Opt-in for GPS texting and your emergency contacts get a GPS text when your LIFEID is scanned.

For: Seniors, Elderly, Allergy, Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Dementia, Alzheimer

Uses: Runners ID, Cyclists ID, Tri Athletes ID, Religious ID, Travelers ID, Kids ID, Festival ID, Event ID, Animal ID Tag

Medical ID For Women . Medical ID For Men . Medical ID For Kids . Unisex Medical ID

Charcoal FaceplateCharcoal FaceplateStainless FaceplateStainless Faceplate

Learn More

Learn More

LIFEID Helper. This LIFEID Medical tag comes with a holster that fits all watch bands no matter the size.


Charcoal Faceplate, Stainless Faceplate


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