Get Started with LIFEID in Three Easy Steps


REGISTER a new profile


ACTIVATE your LIFEID in your profile by clicking ‘ADD LIFEID’ and entering the 6-digit code on the product

How To Activate Your LIFEID

Follow these steps to activate:

1.  Identify your LIFEID CODE
Your LIFEID medical id has a LIFEID CODE below the QR like this…
2.   Log In & Activate
‘LOG IN’ and activate LIFEID by clicking ‘ADD LIFEID.’ Then Enter the LIFEID CODE (6 digit ID number) on your LIFEID product and save.  
3.  Verify Your LIFEID code & activate GPS
A) Click the ‘My lifeid’ tab
B) Make sure the LIFEID CODE you entered is showing and ‘Active’
C) Click here to activate/deactivate GPS TEXTING to emergency contacts
4.  Fill & edit Your Information
Start with basic information. Add more info as needed to complete your record
Click on Medwall in your profile dashboard to preview

How to Setup Profile

How to Add Accounts to Your Profile

How Are LIFEID Medical IDs Used?

If the worst happens, LIFEID speaks for you when you cannot. When first responders or medical professionals scan the QR code on your LIFEID, they instantly get access to the emergency information you stored on your profile on LIFEID.

All phone cameras are QR code readers. Turn on the camera app and just hold the camera in front of the QR code until it reads it. 

If First Responders don’t have a phone they can click on the FIRST RESPONDERS button at the bottom of the home page of and then type in the LIFEID code on the front of your LIFEID medical id.