Another life saved with LIFE ID


Kathy G, of Duncan, said her life was forever changed on Dec. 2, 2023. A life-changing day for not only herself but also for her family and her 44-year-old daughter Tiffany. Kathy said Tiffany was on her way to work, and Kathy described her daughter as someone who was always on time.

“Her supervisor called me,” Kathy said. “She said I think there’s something wrong because Tiffany is not here. So, we called Tiffany, and it kept going to voicemail.”


Kathy later learned that Tiffany suffered a heart attack behind the wheel of her car while traveling to work on Woodruff Road in the Five Forks area. Tiffany had prior heart issues.

“She didn’t have a pulse,” Kathy said. “She was pretty much gone.”

Tiffany’s vehicle traveled over a median into wrong-way, oncoming traffic. Felicia Hunt said she was sitting at the intersection when she saw the incident unfold.

“I immediately recognized that it was a medical emergency because she was on the wrong side of the road, and people were honking at her,” Hunt said. “You could tell there were no brake lights or turning of the wheel or anything. You could tell someone was not awake.”

Felicia just so happens to be a registered nurse. She said a few men helped pull Tiffany out of the car, and she then began administering CPR while others on the scene were on the phone with 911. She had a LIFE ID medical id and were able to find out about her family members and medical information instantly. It was a lifesaver. 

Kathy G. was very glad she had bought her daughter a LIFE ID.