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m. severe
m. severe
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I just love my LIFEID! So much nicer than the old fashioned ones that made known you have a problem but don’t give your info. This gives you maladies, medicines, emergency contact. Anything that you want to put into it. All anyone has to do is flash the camera into the code,
Michelle Fox
Michelle Fox
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I bought life ID because I am diabetic and recently diagnosed with cancer. Because This by far has exceeded my expectations in a medical alert type of apparatus / jewelry.
Jen Foster
Jen Foster
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They have a great company and customer service. I’ve never had to use the band for emergency but I do scan it yearly to make sure it’s working and every time it sends the sms to who needs to be alerted.
Cyle phansento
Cyle phansento
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I really like my new medical alert bracelet from LifeID. Having all of my medical information in one easy to access (a simple QR code scan) website is great. Most bracelets can only provide 3 lines of info but this website tells first responders everything very quickly.
Stephanie M.
Stephanie M.
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This is a really smart and efficient product to keep family members medical info. My mom likes wearing hers which is a plus.

LIFE ID Medical IDs Are For


“It’s so helpful for my medication schedule… all my medications and doses show up on my phone screen”

Martha H. – Arizona, USA

For many seniors, living independently is a life-affirming challenge. Give your parents or spouse access to help with LIFE ID medical alert IDs while they’re alone. It will give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

“My husband is 75 and has several medications that are critical for him to take. With LIFE ID, I feel he is so much safer when he’s out on his own”

Margie R. – Ontario, Canada


“LIFE ID saved my daughter’s life. She is allergic to tree nuts and went into shock. When her LIFE ID was scanned they knew where to find her EpiPen and who to call for help immediately. There is no other medical id out there that does this. God bless you.”

Stacy M. –  Bristol, England

Since you can’t keep your kids by your side forever, get them a LIFEID. In emergency situations, children often can’t recall where they live, their parent’s names, or how to contact them. Feel confident that if your child is in an emergency they can provide critical information and emergency contact to emergency responders.

Active People

“This is such a brilliant and simple idea. I can update my personal information in my profile and it changes on my bracelet. Thats cool. I will feel safer on my runs now.” 

Suzan R. –  California, USA

As runners, cyclists, or hikers we’re always told how important it is to carry ID on us, but it isn’t always practical or convenient to pack your license each time you go out.  If you’re ever unable to give first responders your information, LIFEID will.

But don’t worry, LIFEID won’t weigh you down. This lightweight and low-profile medical alert ID bracelet or watch sleeve can be customized to include valuable information such as your name, address, allergies, and send GPS text to your emergency contact. It isn’t bulky or heavy, and we’ve created with material that is weather- and sweat-resistant. 


Easy to edit

Your LIFEID medical ID syncs with an online, free user profile dashboard. Choose the information you provide and opt-in for GPS texting. Your contacts get a text when your LIFEID is scanned.

Easy to access

Edit your information and emergency contact in your LIFEID profile from any device and your LIFEID Bracelet, Apple Sleeve, or Helper is automatically updated. Easy peasy 😉

Easy to wear

Our sleek and stylish LIFEIDs come in the form of medical ID bracelets, watch sleeves, and other tags. It's a runner id, cyclist id, bicycling id, and emergency medical id all in one!

Our Medical ID Story

In 2018, my mother Sara was involved in an emergency and when emergency personnel arrived, they asked me for her medical history and medication. I had no answer to give. I realized if she were alone, she would have not been able to answer questions on her own either. I’ve worked in the medical industry for many years and was surprised at our lack of preparedness for this situation. After that emergency, I searched for a Medical ID that could keep my mother safe and was surprised that there was no such product in the market. So, I created to solve this problem.


Scan QR code on the LIFE ID tag using your smart phone camera or enter 6-digit code here


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